Finding "Out" (2021)
by: Tedd Robinson and Crazy Smooth of Bboyizm
An NAC Special Commission for #DanceForth
To be broadcast in September 2021

An Autopsy of an Archive (2020)
by: Tedd Robinson with Riley Sims, Johnny Spence, Yves Soglo and Angie Cheng
Co-Presented with the Ottawa Dance Directive
An NAC Co-Production

Love and Other Things: a drama for flower, clay and bone
by: Tedd Robinson and Charles Quevillon
Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts' New Chapter program
Co-Presented with the National Arts Centre

by: Tedd Robinson and Charles Quevillon

by: Tedd Robinson, Charles Quevillon and Riley Sims

FACETS (2015)
by: Angie Cheng, James Gnam, Ame Henderson, Charles Quevillon, Simon Renaud, Riley Sims, Tedd Robinson
An NAC Co-Production

by: Tedd Robinson, Ame Henderson and Charles Quevillon
In partnership with Public Recordings  

by: Tedd Robinson and Charles Quevillon
La B.A.R.N. (summer)

FABLE (2011)
Group work
La B.A.R.N. (summer)

Research project in collaboration with Ame Henderson
La B.A.R.N.

Group work
NAC co-production - NAC Studio, October 2010.

Dichterliebe (2010)
Group work
La B.A.R.N. (summer)

The Reins (2009)
Group work
La B.A.R.N. (summer)

Relic (2009)
Solo by Tedd Robinson
Commission: Dances for a Small Stage Vancouver

Rocks (2008)
Group work
La B.A.R.N. (summer)

REDD (2006)
Solo by Tedd Robinson
NAC and New Dance Horizons co-production

Cobalt Rouge (2005)
Group work
in collaboration with Louise Lecavalier, Fou Glorieux

Books and Paper (2005)
Duet with Tomas Krivosik

Reclusive Conclusions and Other Duets (2003):
Three duets
Kurosango (with Mako Kawano)
Lula and the Sailor (with Louise Lecavalier)
The Insistent Echo of Reclusive Conclusions (with Margie Gillis)
NAC and Agora de la danse Co-Production

B-Boys Project A (2002)
Group work
Co-production of the 2007 CDF

Recruiting Recalcitrance (2001)
by: Tedd Robinson and Ru Padolsky

Rigmarole (2000)
Solo by Tedd Robinson

Red Line (1998)
Solo by Tedd Robinson

Rokudo (1996)
Chalmers National Dance Award
Solo by Tedd Robinson

The Barber's Coffee Break (1998)
Film. Director : Laura Taler


    Robin Poitras, The Sound a Circle Makes, 1998
    Denise Fujiwara, Heroic Garb and Intimate Marching, 2001
    CJ8, Grey Suit but Black Dress, 2001
    MoonhORsE dance theatre, Adventures in a Maze, 2001
    princess productions, Stone Velvet, 2001
    Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre, Distractions, 2002
    Les Ateliers de danse moderne de Montréal (LADMMI), Rectangle, 2002
    Peggy Baker Dance Projects, The Transparent Recital, 2003
    Louise Lecavalier, Cobalt Rouge – version duo 2006
    Old Men Dancing, 2009
    princess productions, STICKS, 2011
    Mocean Dance, Canvas 5 x 5, 2011
    Ottawa Dance Directive, Trembleherd Bells, 2012
    Cloud 9, Disconcertante, 2013
    KEMI contemporary dance projects, The Duet Project, 2013
    Anne Cooper, Ziyian Kwan, Ron Stewart, Dwelling, 2014
    Canada Dance Festival +The School of Contemporary Dancers, The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, LADMMI, École Supérieur de danse de Québec, and The School of Dance, The 60 Dancer Project, 2014
    Kaeja d'Dance, 25 to 1, 2015
    Common People Dance Projects, Songs and Tarps, 2015
    Alexandra Elliott Dance, Logarian Rhapsody, 2016
    Robyn Thomson Kacki, Cotton Handkerchiefs and Dog's Tears, 2017
    Toronto Dance Theatre, Glass Fields, 2018
    Takako Segawa, 2's, 2019


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    Helen Walkley, Vancouver
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    Freya Olafson, Winnipeg
    Karen Kusak, Winnipeg
    Susie Burpee, Toronto
    Nova Bhattacharya, Toronto
    Louis Laberge-Coté, Toronto
    Rebecca Hope Terry, Toronto
    Helen Husak, Calgary
    Sasha Ivanochko, Toronto/Montreal
    Margie Gillis, Montreal
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    Jacinthe Armstrong, Halifax
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    Valérie Pitre and Ariana Sánchez, Quebec City
    Audree Papineau-Chartrand, Montreal
    Suzanne Liska, Toronto
    Takako Segawa, Ottawa
    Megan Andrews, Vancouver
    Ziyian Kwan, Vancouver
    Heather Mah, Montreal

    Solo Workshops at the Excusive Intensive (La B.A.R.N.)
    Jennifer Dallas
    Deirdre Murphy
    Laura Murphy
    Ailish Claffey
    Kim Grenon-Morin

    Le Groupe Dance Lab (Ottawa)
    Russell Malaphant
    Lesandra Dodson
    Julia Sasso
    Rob Abubo
    Susie Burpee
    Firkin Crane, (Cork, Ireland)
    Paul Johnson
    Mary Nunan
    Adelaide Festival of the Arts + New Moves (Australia + Scotland)
    Dance Ireland
    Banff Centre for the Arts “Interrarium” project
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